Inside the No Brainer Wardrobe


"Office attire" does not necessarily equal pant suit. Whether you're a college grad entering the workforce or a hard-workin' lady in the prime of her career, you'll learn what pieces you need to build a stylish, professional wardrobe.


Whether it's bright spring florals, edgy metallics, or daring hi-lo hemlines - trends can be dizzying. Don't be discouraged. You, too, can be trendy. It's just a matter of application. You'll learn how to incorporate trends into your look without feeling like you're wearing a costume.


First of all: women are not fruit! We have shapes. Forget about apples and pears, let's figure out what your own shape is, then you'll learn how to highlight your best features and choose clothes that are flattering to your figure.


Pregnancy can throw your closet for a loop - if you're expecting, you'll learn how to use existing pieces of your wardrobe plus a handful of maternity-specific pieces to look stylish and feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy.


Yes, your "uniform" is obviously attractive as is, but to punch it up, you can use accessories and "finishers" to really round out your look. You'll learn which pieces of jewelry are most versatile and which "finishers" will make the most impact.


Just because you're a mom or past a certain age doesn't mean you can't be stylish! That said, there are a few guidelines to follow to keep you looking both attractive AND age appropriate.

"You guys, I am in the middle of session one and I've already learned so much. No matter what your background in getting dressed, I think you could benefit from this. It's time to recapture the creativity and ease I used to feel when I opened up my closet."


Discover Your Personal Style

Think you don't have your own "style" of dressing? Sure you do, you just might not know exactly what it looks like. You'll create a personal style board on Pinterest, pin pieces and outfits that really grab your attention and catch your eye, then review your board in search of patterns!

Rid Your Closet of "Yuck"

Grab an honest friend (for support), a Venti from Starbucks (for fuel), and let's clean out your closet! You'll remove everything that doesn't fit, doesn't flatter, or doesn't make you feel AMAZING! You deserve to love the way you look - let's start by eliminating everything that doesn't help you do that!

Build a KILLER Wardrobe

Now that we've gotten rid of what doesn't work, let's take an inventory. You'll identify the staples of your "uniform", shop smart for the things you need, then build a couple of go-to outfits that can be accessorized and "finished", creating dozens of unique looks! (This is the FUN part!)

Why No Brainer Wardrobe?

Surely, you’ve heard it said that women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. 

The 20% that you are wearing is probably the stuff that you feel great in, wash 80 million times, and hardly gets hung up before it’s worn again. You shouldn’t have to spend precious time staring blankly at your closet wondering what to wear. Instead, you should take that 20% you love, identify the qualities that you love, and augment that 20% with other well chosen pieces. Outfits should come easily to mind. You should feel great. You shouldn’t have to steal money from your grocery envelope to fund your wardrobe.

Dig in to the course, stick with me for four short, jam-packed lessons - you'll have your own no brainer wardrobe in no time.

xo Hayley


Why are you still here?! Right this minute, you could be diving into No Brainer Wardrobe's game-changing videos, exploring your personal style via Pinterest, or using what you already have to build your go-to outfits... so what are you waiting for? Enroll now, and get moving towards a closet that you LOVE and outfits that make you feel AMAZING!

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